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"graviti kuat buat kita rasa melekat dan tak rasa bumi ini berputar,
tapi graviti jugak tak kuat sebab burung burung masih boleh terbang tinggi.
Hebatnya ciptaan Tuhan."

Checkpoint 32

Reaching another checkpoint of my life. Checkpoint 32.
No complaint.


Praise for ALLAH the Almighty for all the love that showers my life so far.
Praise for ALLAH for the unlimited gifts of life that are given to me until now.
Praise for ALLAH for all the guidance in being a good muslim.

I am very thankful to be allowed to reach this point of my life.
I pray that ALLAH guides me to be a faithful servant to ALLAH.Insya ALLAH.

All the tests in this life are not for nothing.
There are lessons to be learned.
The message is not hidden nor straightforward but can be seen if it is looked in different perspectives.
I 'll learn further on the survival skills of this life.

Good things are coming on my way & the tests are coming beforehand so that I am fully equipped to face all possibilities.

Life is given for us to learn.

Learning process never stop.

There may be some memories that I could'nt stop thinking of but time moves ahead & the past will be left.

I will move on,I am moving forward.

Those memories will remain in my heart for as long as ALLAH permits me to remember them.

Those memories will never interfere my life, it will give me strength any time they come bugging my head.

I am turning those memories into a super strong willpower which will turn into a powerful determination for me to achieve the highest peak of my life.

Giving up is never an option for me.

I am a winner. I am a fighter.

A fighter who win all his fights....with pride.

I am a man of my word.